Clinton admits Libya ‘urgency’ as Kadhafi hits back

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton acknowledged on Wednesday that there was an “urgency” about the Libyan crisis as forces loyal to Moamer Kadhafi advance rapidly on the rebel-held east.

“We want to do what we can to protect innocent Libyans against the marauders let loose by the Kadhafi regime,” Clinton said in an interview with CBS television while on a visit to Libya’s eastern neighbour Cairo.

“And yes, time is fast upon us. There is an urgency to it.”

Clinton stopped short of explicitly backing a no-fly zone, saying only that it was one of a number of options under consideration to protect Libyan civilians.

But she said that a statement issued by the Arab League on Saturday endorsing action against one of its own member governments, up to and including a no-fly zone, had had a major impact on the views of the major powers on the UN Security Council.

“I think that there was a sea change in opinion when the Arab League issued its statement on Saturday,” she said.

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