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The outright harassment, intimidation and black bagging of political opponents in the US has reached new levels in recent weeks.

The extortion arm of the US government, the IRS, has admitted to targeting people with certain political beliefs for aggressive shakedowns. And good friend of TDV, Adam Kokesh, who was planning a peaceful armed march in support of the Second Amendment of the Constitution on Washington DC on July 4th was kidnapped in broad daylight on May 18th in Philadelphia.

Here is one of numerous angles showing Adam Kokesh doing nothing but submitting to the people assaulting him and being taken away.

This occurred at a marijuana legalization rally known as Smoke Down Prohibition. The Smoke Down event has occurred at Independence National Historical Park in downtown Philadelphia once every month since January 2013 with no prior arrests or police intervention which makes it clear that Kokesh had been targetted for takedown. He had just walked up to the microphone and the moment he began to speak a number of thugs in costumes accosted him.

It’s been five days since and that was the last time anyone but the kidnappers has seen or heard from Adam Kokesh. There is evidence that he is in a federal prison and that comes from these documents which state that the reason Adam was kidnapped is because he “forcibly assaulted, resisted, opposed, impeded and interfered with officers and employees of the United States”. I guess that’s what the state defines not falling down when its costumed thugs tackle you.

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