America Greets Democratic Stimulus Package With Disdain

February 10th, 2009
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Today, the most abysmal bill in the history of America was passed by the Senate. The bill was intended to save us all from impending doom according to our President. The bill is a quagmire of legalese that ties up nearly a trillion dollars for Congressional pet projects.

Obama campaigned heavily to pass the bill. The primary premise of his argument was that if we didn’t do something, the economy would get much worse, but in response to the bill, US stock markets didn’t just retreat, they whimpered in dismay. This bill should have been much smaller, faster moving and better targeted at its objective — stimulus.

The surge in the national debt and the potential collapse of the dollar in response to such a bill are evident, but the saddest part is that our faith in President Obama as a nation is broken. He could have helped America — instead, he passed a partisan bill that will only inject 26-29 billion dollars this year (approximately 3%), at the time we need it most.

House Representatives say they will play hardball to remove even the slightest hint of Republican compromise. This will clearly work towards a completely divided Congress going forward, and a strongly divided and bitter constituency as well.

Obama warned of turning a crisis into a catastrophe, and then he and Congress did exactly that.

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