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sherry clark graduated from the Ohio State University with degrees in Elementary Education and Fine Arts. After a life of service in her churches and various civic organizations, she began to understand the role of government in many of the crises she addressed in her charity work–finally reaching the conclusion that either “you get politics or politics will get you.” In frustration with the local printing company’s violations of the public informational trust, clark seeks to restore the integrity to the local fourth estate through The Liberty Voice.

Clark is a direct descendant of John Beckley, the first Librarian of Congress as appointed by then-President Thomas Jefferson. Beckley was also the first Clerk of the House of Representatives following his dedicated work at the Constitutional Convention, and was nominated to this post by the Father of the Constitution James Madison.

Neville Craig, founder and editor of the Pittsburg Gazette (now known as the Pittsburg Post-Gazette) is also clark’s (really) great grandfather. Since clark was born on the same day as John F. Kennedy and Patrick Henry she’s been told that she “gets it honest” as she seeks to defend the United States Constitution through the power of the free and “fiercely independent” press.

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