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  1. solemnsovereign

    January 17, 2009 at 5:43 am

    What has Amnesty International to do with Justice?
    Proximity of these printed words ignites the page with conflict.
    Don’t get me wrong, in the unlikely event that Barry-BarOmma-whoever-he-is
    (we don’t really know) retracts his oval office occupation as an illegal-alien
    intent …before swearing to uphold the very law he desecrates, a small degree
    of amnesty should, perhaps apply.
    In the more probable outcome that he takes the oath, assuming the office
    under color of law and blasphemous fanfare, a little room at Guantánamo with
    about 100 state attorneys-general and secretaries of state would be what most
    legal inhabitants of our once Constitutional Republic would call Justice.
    Numerous signatories to this petition could indeed make a difference, The final
    nail in the coffin of freedom may be driven by the alien allegiances of this deceitful
    impostor. But is that a difference we want?
    To recap;
    His first steps should be, amnesty international, to: announce his resignation in
    the interest of upholding his oath, and move to Guantánamo in the interest of Justice!

    — Charles Robert

  2. solemnsovereign

    January 20, 2009 at 12:14 am

    OK I admit it, my previous rant was clear as mud. Let me put it another way; Will someone, anyone, please present proof that Obama meets the Constitutional requirements to be president? Obama has yet to do so, and the law does not require it of him. It is the responsibility of, and the DUTY of the several states, their attorneys general, and of the government (that’s us!) to confirm beyond doubt, the eligibility of all who appear on the ballot, and of all named by the electorate.

    Obama has concealed his past, faked his birth certificate, sealed his hospital records and ignored court requests served upon him. If Barry Soetoro (his real name) known to most as Barack Hussein Obama, graduates from Illegal-Alien-Elect to so-called “President of the United States” by virtue of an oath to uphold the very law he defies, a mockery is made of our Republic and a can of worms (or snakes) could be released upon the world.

    This may be a card up the sleeve of the North American Union/New World Order cabal which. if played, could snap America’s neck. And, judging by the broad complicity to conceal it, could be meant to do just that.

    NO COLB, NO OFFICE …uphold the Constitution!

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